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Been a while. A very long while.

Might have something to post very soon. Some TG (not the primary focus), mostly smut, may never complete it.

Stay tuned.
I am pleased to announce that both Catching Chaos and Black Magic Revenge (aka Smut) are up over at

I just wanna say how awesome Femur is, for getting these up in such a short amount of time. Something was obviously sacrificed for this to happen, and I'm grateful for it. Cuz you all get to read them now, just as my dark and perverted mind intended them to be read. Lol.

Just a heads up; Catching Chaos is the same one you'll find here, minus the censorship. And BMR (smut) is only a tad longer than here. I ended it on a 2-parter so I could upload some more of it a bit quicker.

As always, feedback would be fantastic over there. Each comic gets its own comment section now. So let me know what you think!

<3 Kara
Catching Chaos and the story I simply label as Smut were accepted by Femur, to be hosted on So now they're in the process of being proof-read,for grammatical changes and to make sure nothing violates their card companies' TOS, and should be up in a short while (Somewhere between 2-30 business days).

Warning however: You may be disappointed with Smut, as it's only about 15 pages longer than the story here, at least for this part. I made it a 2-parter so I could get it uploaded faster.
I just want to let everyone know that my work is back up, over at And I sent Femur a copy of my recent publications (uncensored and a bit further along), so if he likes it, I should be hosted over there in the not-too-distant future.

Until then, we all get to play the waiting game. Although I may upload a few more slides later, if I'm feeling up to it. :)
That is all. Tomorrow might turn into some serious art catching up. :)
Bad news folks. Over this past week, while rendering, I noticed a "burned plastic" smell coming from my computer tower. I cleaned the thing out (what little dust there was) but found that the culprit is my power supply. 
Not exactly sure why, but some Google sleuthing leads me to believe that my graphics card was just too much for the poor thing. So, since I don't want to risk doing more damage to the computer (or burning my house down) all rendering will have to take a break until I can afford to replace it, which won't be for at least a few weeks.

I also won't have anything new to upload either. I spent all my free time this week working on TAG and had planned some more catching chaos pages for this weekend. But now that is axed until further notice. :(

In the mean time, I suppose I could work on some of these unfinished written stories, but I apologize if anyone was patiently waiting for a new update. I swear I have the worst luck with computers... Lol.
Last night, I successfully finished reformatting and grammar-checking all 188 pages of TAG for With the help of Relax Riesling and a massive youtube playlist, I might add.

Funny story about Relax. I now have their company twitter page following me. Perhaps they're into TG Fiction too. Did someone say sponsor? ... lol, a girl can dream.

Anyway. That's a HUGE chunk of work off my plate, and it also alleviates any setbacks I was having with the comic. So it's all moving forward from here! I'm hoping to get it out this month (don't quote me. Not a deadline, just a hope!). If I can do that, then it'll technically be an Anniversary gift, lol. It took me an entire year to continue this story. What the frick!? Where does the time go?

Speaking of, I'm also going to be 26 in two days, so woohoo! I get to go over to the city and party with a few of my drag queen friends. It's always so fun when they bring me out. I almost forgot that it was coming up until Kitty texted me, so that Catching Chaos update DEFINITELY isn't happening this week, lol. As I may not be home much this weekend.

Oh, and one last thing regarding TAG. I decided from this point to make it a TGComics exclusive. Since Femur is willing to host it all, I removed all of the old mediafire links and no more actual pages will be posted here. I won't remove the first chapter from here though. I'll keep that as a bit of a teaser.

Anyway, thanks for reading my nonsense! <3
I just wanted to write you all an open statement declaring absolutely nothing of value, regarding this week's Catching Chaos update. lol. There may be one this week, but don't expect it.

I'm going to try working double time on TAG this week. Hoping to finish the boring job of reformatting all the old pages (188 of them) to fit TGComics's layout. A job that includes re-working every speech bubble to make it legible at the new size. I'm also correcting any spelling and grammar issues while I do this (yay for Femur's editor), so that's not so bad, but it adds to the workload.

Anyway, I've been doing all that in between Catching Chaos and TAG progress. So it's half way there at this point. But the winter break is definitely helping with my quota. I have a few weeks left, where I don't have to juggle this around work and school. Woot! 

Disclaimer: There's no deadline for this TAG update. I've learned not to even ballpark those, lol. Just know it's being worked on.

There should be a Catching Chaos update next week regardless. <3
I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. There will be no update of Catching Chaos this week, but there may be one the following one. So hopefully nobody's waiting around for me. Go spend time with your families, eat things that you'll regret. :)
I'm just writing to let everyone know that the next round of submissions for catching chaos, will be either late Monday or not-so-late Tuesday.

I'm trying to reach a specific break point. 

Update: It's looking to be tomorrow. I have a few more images I need to render to close out this submission.
So... If you couldn't tell by now, I have this huge project I'm working on. Catching Chaos.

It started as a smutty little romp. But then I had to go and have ideas and boom, it turned into another story. It turns out that I just can't make, for lack of a better word, porn. lol. I'm sorry for any of you that were just looking for that, but I just don't think it's within my grasp.

It happened when I was creating the character now known as Chaos. I was rendering a TG transformation sequence, the one I submitted, when I decided "someone" should be transforming him into her. Then I saw some weird robotic skin I must've downloaded on one of my random "drink wine and find free stuff to add to my library" evenings. And suddenly I was creating this character, and as I did I brainstormed like crazy about her. Who was she? What was she? Why was she doing this? There has to be a reason for the TG for me. And suddenly I had this character with a deep backstory, and from her spawned other characters.

Who could counter such a being? My first thought of course, was the Doctor. After all, I just binge watched the entire last season recently and god damn do I love Peter Capaldi's Doctor... But anyway. I suddenly wanted to create some sort of Doctor Who TG story. But why end there? Why not incorporate some Star Trek and Jedis and Sliders and Quantum Leap and ... ? I now have this enormous collision of all of my favorite science fiction and fantasy stories, inspiring this enormous smutty TG tale.

That's what Catching Chaos is. That's what it has become. And I'm so god damn excited to make this, you guys have no idea. lol. And brace yourselves, because this is going to be a really long one.

I'll likely work on it in volumes, coming back to it between things. But I have an enormous wordpad file full of ideas, adventures, arcs, etc... So I hope you guys like science fantasy. lol.
(And don't worry, I'll try to keep it kinda dirty for all you perverts like me. :D)
Answer: Building the inside of a steampunk-esque spaceship in Daz3D!

This stuff is so fun to make. I should've done a comic like this a long time ago.
Hey everyone, it's been a while!

I'd just like to let you all know. The first submission of pages for my new comic, will be posted later this evening. I'm hoping to have at least a dozen to start with. And then to post in similar chunks following, whenever time allows.

I parked TAG again. I keep getting inspired to run with it, then I lost interest. Then I try more. Then I lose interest. I just can't seem to commit myself to it. On the plus side, there have been multiple side projects started while I struggled with this. "Catching Chaos" is by far my favorite. It'll be a bit scifi and a bit fantasy, but I think you'll enjoy it all the same. Or so I hope... Worst case, I enjoy the hell out of it. lol.

I'm hoping to have more time to play with all the holidays coming up. I got quite a bit done this week. It was so awesome! (I loathed going back to school and work, lol)

Anyway. Keep your eyes open for some postings tonight. :)
How is everyone doing? It feels like I've only been gone for a few days, but I know it's more like months. lol. This year is so busy. I feel like I have that remote from Click or something... Hmm, that might make a neat TG story...

Anyway, I'm all set up over here. All installed and slowly working at finishing up TAG. Been working on a few small projects too when I don't feel like sitting down for TAG. So whenever I do put out content, it'll probably come out in big chunks. Then maybe I'll vanish again, I don't know. :P

I'm thinking I may post a few captions soon. It's been so long since I've done any, and people really seem to like them. So perhaps I'll throw a few ideas I've had floating around together. Keep your eyes open for those. I have a week off coming up. ;)

Miss you guys!
Sorry for disappearing for a while everyone. I'm currently waiting on a new computer...

To make a long story short. I'm clumsy and I dropped my old tower down a flight of stairs. It's taken a beating before, but this time it didn't make it. :(
So now I have nothing to render on. lol. (Curse my inability to carry things large distances)

Anyway, that happened. Luckily, most of my files are stored on an external drive that didn't take a tumble. I just need to get a new rig set up and everything installed. Photoshop, Daz, etc...

This happened a few days ago, and I've been so furious with myself that I've avoided my favorite internet hangouts entirely. But I've cooled down, and I'm using some of my student loan money to build a new desktop. So that should be here in a week or so, and then I can get back to work on everything.

In the meantime. Thanks for all the new people that followed me! I had like a thousand warnings in my message box, so that was pretty good at cheering me up a bit. Some hard apple cider will do the rest of the work. :D
It's been a while since I posted a journal entry, so I figured now would be a good time to update some folks.

I'll start by admitting that I kinda took a little break from everything. There were at least two weeks where I barely touched my computer, and they were spectacular! Got some sun at the beach, golfed a few rounds and binge-watched a few shows on Netflix. Good times were had.

BUT! I'm back in the swing of things now. I've been chugging away at TAG and working on a submission for TGStorytime side-by-side, both with a refreshed drive and a whole bunch of Angry Orchard (that stuff is fantastic). Sadly though, I have nothing to show for it that I can share, and here's the main reasons why.

Firstly, TAG:
I don't know if I mentioned this, but you may have realized that I made the images for TAG a bit large. I think somewhere in the area of 1600x900px. It's the size that VIP used for his comic pages and since he was the reason I got into doing any of this, it only made sense to follow in his footsteps with formatting. I've branched into my own comfort zone since then, but Chapters 1-3 still remain that size. An issue with this is that TGComics, which is the new home for the majority of my work, only allows a maximum width of 940px. 

"So just resize it beotch!"
Yeah I know, sounds like an easy solution right? Wrong! Apparently the font I use is completely illegible when scaled down that much, lol. So I've been trucking along, trying to individually edit every page, which is a bit tedious. One upside to this is that I can also edit dialogue and maybe touch up frames as I do this. But it is taking up quite a chunk of my free time. I'm alternating between this task and rendering right now, but it's coming along quite nicely.

Another factor is what I want to release. As much as I love this story, it is my baby, I want to be done with it. I have so many ideas that I want to make and I don't want to keep putting this story off. So my goal right now is to just finish the whole thing. There are approx 2 more chapters left and I'm half-way done with one of them right now. So instead of leaving another cliffhanger, I'm just going to wash my hands of it and free myself to create new things. I have so many ideas buzzing around right now, and that brings me to the next topic.

Holy crap, she's writing again! 
If you're unaware, I started my venture into the world of TG fiction through a little site called Fictionmania. (The link goes to my author page)
I've produced 3 tales in like 3 years, lol... I know, I move at a snail's pace sometimes. BUT, I've been wanting to get back into writing again. Some of those ideas that are buzzing around my brain just wouldn't cut it for a comic IMO. They're generally too smutty and the characters are too unattached, much like my "Witchy Ex-Girlfriend."

Currently, I have 3 of these types of stories in progress. All of which fit the criteria of being single-sit pornographic reads, with no personal connections to the characters on my end. All of these types of stories will be posted into a short-story collection, to keep them separate from the more in-depth tales I wish to tell. And trust me, I have a few of those in my head too. lol.

At any rate, I have a lot I'm working on and hopefully I'll have something to post shortly. Until then, know that I'm a busy little bee. :D
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. It seems that I've fallen into the popular "quiet mode" that I discussed in an earlier post. I don't know what it is, but I just can't motivate myself to render anymore right now. I think I might be a little burned out.

Instead of pushing myself to do something I really don't have the drive for, I put my art aside for a little bit and I'm going to work on a little bit of story writing. I've had all of these ideas haunting me for a while and I can't bottle them anymore. They're not exactly great storytelling material either, but just dirty, smutty tales. The dark side's too powerful I guess, lol.

Have no fear though, nothing's canceled. I just think I need a break from it. It's a lot of work and if I'm not in it 100%, I fear I'll wind up with something that neither myself nor my fans are satisfied with. So with that said, I'll update as soon as my stories go live. 

On a side note though: VIPCaptions has a new comic out. It's the usual dark and demented TG tale, so if you're not into that kind of stuff, I'd avoid it. lol. But if you are, check it out:…

And be sure to comment on his blog. We artists are starving for attention, lol.
Is it just me, or has the TG community been very stagnant this last week or so?
Thanks to all of you who helped me find gender-neutral V4 clothing. I have another task for you scavengers if you're willing to help me out.

After TAG, I want my next comic to take place in the prohibition era (1920-33). So I need early 1900s props, accessories, clothing, etc...

If you know of such things for Daz3D, please pass links my way. It's a little ways off, so if I start now by buying one at a time, I should be able to purchase enough to put a believable world together. The models don't have to be within that 13 year span. If you find say, a car from 1940. It would work, so long as it's old-timey.

sturkwurk has directed me to a few articles of clothing so far, but anything would be a great help.


<3 - Kara
Is it just me, or is it REALLY difficult to find "normal" wear for V4? Where's the hoodie and sweatpants? Where's the baggy t-shirt and granny panties? lol... (Not that I want granny panties)

Creating that character modeled after Syzygym's "Sara Beth," I realized that I have very little to work with, if I want to render your average female.

Does anyone know of any decent V4 clothing models that would fit this criteria? Hopefully something that's not very expensive and maybe has morphs. I would be so appreciative.

*Grumble* *Grumble*


Thank you so much sturkwurk!!! Any other authors looking, be sure to check out SickleYield's collection over at Renderosity.

Sweats! He found me sweats!

$20 down the drain, for all of you guys. <3